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6063-T5 Hardness Solar Panel Aluminum Profile from Jiangyin

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  • Material6000series
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Aluminum is a green material of choice. Aluminum’s inherent “green features” of recyclability and sustainability, coupled with its other unique attributes, make aluminum a versatile material for many applications, but the exciting story of aluminum doesn’t stop here. The ability to extrude aluminum into complex shapes (profile) gives designer creative freedom. Where the environment, time, cost and process repeatability are the important parameters, Solar Panel Aluminum Profile offers a material and process choice that is literally second to none for countless product applications.


Extrusion Process

The aluminum extrusion process involves the use of a hydraulic press to force heated (still solid, but malleable) aluminum alloy through a steel die. The resulting Solar Panel Aluminum Profile assumes the shape (in cross section) of the die opening.



Extrusion Equipments

Although the extrusion press is the main focus of the extrusion processes, many other pieces of equipment are required to make a Solar Panel Aluminum Profile. In addition to the press, the illustration depicts a billet furnace, quenching system, log shear, puller, age/anneal ovens, handling equipment, saw and gauging system, stretcher, and stacking system.




1. Sunshades & Light Shelves

2. Photovoltaic Panel Framing and Skylights

3. Pedestrian Bridge

4. Solar Energy

5. Water & Wind Turbine

6. Aluminum Impeller

7. Floating Breakwaters

8. Bicycle Wheel Rims

9. New Wave Truss

10. Trade Show Booth Structure

11. Heat Sink