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DC01 Cold Rolled Steel CRCA Sheets for Making Oil Drum

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  • MaterialDC01
  • Payment TermsL/C,T/T
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Cold Rolled Steel CRCA Sheets are steels that have been worked below its recrystallization temperature by passing it between a pair of rollers. Recrystallization temperature is the temperature at which grains in the lattice structure of the metal have been rearranged, leaving it free of strain and deformations. Cold Rolled Steel CRCA Sheets are pre-treated before being cold rolled with a process known as pickling, which uses strong acids to remove scale and other impurities. The Cold Rolled Steel CRCA Sheets are then passed through rollers to reduce its thickness. Most cold rolling takes place in multiple passes and as the size of the Cold Rolled Steel CRCA Sheets is further reduced, its strength and hardness both increase, but its ductility decreases. After cold rolling, heating the metal up in a process known as annealing can restore some of its ductility. The final Cold Rolled Steel CRCA Sheets may be manufactured in the form of sheets, strips, bars, or other forms.




1. Thickness: 0.4-2.0mm

2. Width: 900-1250mm

3. Inner Diameter: 508-610mm

4. Weight of Steel Coil: 3-15MT

5. Heat Treatment: Annealed

6. Margin Status: EC & EM

7. Surface Quality: FB & FC

8. Surface Treatment: Oiling

 9. Surface Status: Bright & Dull & Black




1. Base metal for coated and dipped products.

2. Home appliance, carriage frame

3. Precise welding tube

4. Flux cored welding wire

5. Bicycle, battery shell, storage rack

6. Automobile fitting, hardware

7. Enameling industry etc.


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